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InfusionMatrix Spring 2014
Spring and education... both the busiest and sweetest time of the year for everyone involved. Schools around the nation are full of frantic last minute preparations for, then implementation of high stakes testing. Spring fever is spreading like wildfire, and the end of school countdown has begun. Spring brings a feeling of hopeful anticipation as both the literal and figurative light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible. It's a time for reflection, goal setting and celebration. For InfusionMatrix - it means we can finally get down to business.

As with any start up, our original vision evolved throughout initial development. I've always told my students that if an idea is strong enough, its potential unfolds exponentially with each iteration. InfusionMatrix has incubated in this environment and is now ready to be shared with the world. Our system will revolutionize education by bringing together the best of real world instruction, learning management systems, web 2.0, collaborative interoperability tools, build your own curriculum, learning analytics and so much more. The system built for educators, by educators is now ready to help students, teachers and administrators by enhancing student achievement, quantifying instruction and streamlining assessments all within an innovative digital environment.

When people experience InfusionMatrix, the system speaks for itself, and as a result we continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Recent conversations with Project Lead the Way, and Gasconade County R-II School District have been very encouraging. Both groups immediately understood the potential this product has to enhance student learning. The system was built to meet the needs of 21st Century Learning by an educator who has spent more than ten years using Project Based Learning to integrate technology in the classroom. As a result, teachers and administrators intuitively understand the impact the system will have on education. In fact, when we share IM they almost always ask the same question, “Did you really build this?” Our answer is - YES WE DID!

While school districts across the nation are scrambling to integrate the Common Core Curriculum by 2014, the Missouri Senate recently passed a bill to drop Common Core ( More needs to happen before it's official, but what is most encouraging is they've determined groups of Missouri educators should be charged with developing state standards instead. While I believe elements of Common Core have their merit, and there is evidence educators were consulted in its development, mandated standards still take away the professional and creative voice of many of our teachers. However, IM provides educators around the state a collaborative network where creativity, ideas and collective experience can join together to develop standards and objectives that will increase student achievement and facilitate the future of education. If your school district is looking for a place to store, share and disseminate curriculum and resources, look no further than InfusionMatrix.

IM was designed to be intuitive, flexible and reliable. With our system school districts can develop and integrate any standard, objective, or skill they believe will help students grow. Educators can simultaneously create the digital learning environment, while working together with administrators and other teachers to develop and implement powerful, effective curriculum. Within our environment educators can safely and efficiently extend learning beyond the classroom walls. By creating a repository of district and state standards and objectives, the best of the best lessons can be mined, moved to the top, and shared across the state, throughout the nation and around world. InfusionMatrix is thrilled by the onset of spring, and as we look forward to the excitement summer will bring we want to let the world know – YES WE DID!

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